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Funding restrictions

What is not eligible for funding?

There are certain content-related, formal and organisational factors that make projects ineligible for funding. Security advice also plays a role, meaning that youth group exchanges are not possible in all countries.

Content-related factors that render projects ineligible for funding are:

  • projects that serve to provide religious instruction, teaching of faith or instruction in a particular ideology
  • projects or project partners whose values do not respect the diversity of human lifestyles and beliefs
  • commercial exchange projects
  • projects that are not primarily intended to promote exchange and dialogue

Formal and organisational factors that render projects ineligible for funding are:

  • projects by governmental organisations
  • organisations that fail the assessment undertaken by Engagement Global’s “Central Programme Service” (ZPS), i.e. that cannot prove their credit worthiness or non-profit nature
  • organisations that are too small to conduct an exchange due to inadequate financial, administrative and organisational resources

In the last two cases, the organisations can adopt a “piggybacking” approach, i.e. they sign a cooperation agreement with a larger organisation, which then submits the application to Engagement Global on the smaller organisation’s behalf. The organisation that submits the application is responsible for the financial administration of the project.