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Exchange projects – Global partnerships for the Agenda 2030

The “extracurricular exchange projects in the context of Agenda 2030“ funding line is an offer for development-related youth-group exchanges. The programme supports groups of young people from Germany and the Global South – especially from African countries – to implement projects related to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

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News: 16.07.2020

News: Increased support of virtual exchange formats

Despite some downturns of the corona measures, personal encounters of youth groups within the funding line of weltwärts extracurricular exchange projects are still suspended until 31 August 2020. Virtual exchange formats are to be promoted more intensively.

News: 20.04.2020

News: Suspension of the June deadline for new applications of weltwärts-exchange projects

In addition to the already existing regulation to suspend all ongoing weltwärts-exchange projects until mid-June 2020, the coming application deadline of 30. June 2020 will now also be suspended.

News: 26.03.2020

News: Youth group exchanges suspended for three months

All exchange visits planned as part of weltwärts exchange projects have been suspended with immediate effect, initially for three months until mid-June 2020. The suspension does not, of course, affect virtual exchange between participants.

News: 11.01.2018

News: Pilot partnership between weltwärts exchange projects and Chat der Welten

We are currently working with the Engagement Global CHAT der WELTEN programme to establish how to maximise the benefits of chats between partners collaborating on a weltwärts exchange project. The service could be used in a number of virtual cooperation project phases.

News: 11.01.2018

News: New website for the weltwärts exchange projects programme

A structure divided into four tabs, project reports from organisations and a library containing all of the main documents – these are the components that form the new website for the “Extracurricular exchange projects in the context of Agenda 2030” funding line. Organisations interested in participating in the programme will find everything they need to know about types of project, requirements and funding criteria.

17 goals – our responsibility

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. In them, the international community has agreed to eradicate poverty and hunger, improve education, protect the environment and much more. The SDGs provide the subject matter that forms the framework for weltwärts exchange projects.

brings the world together

Putting young people on track for global citizenship. Launched in 2016, the weltwärts exchange projects programme enables youth groups from Germany and the Global South to work together on projects dealing with one or more of the 17 SDGs – in both of their countries and working as partners.

The young people become more globally aware and develop a sense of responsibility for the future.