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Security restrictions for exchange projects

Standards on the weltwärts programme

Not every country or region is suitable for weltwärts exchange projects. The weltwärts security restrictions are explained below.

There are certain countries in which projects cannot be funded for security reasons:

  • North Africa: Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan
  • West and Central Africa: Burkina Faso, Guinea, DR Congo, Liberia, Mali, Mauretania, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Chad, Central African Republic
  • East Africa: Burundi, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Somalia
  • Middle East: Iraq, Yemen, Syria
  • Central America: Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala
  • South America: Venezuela
  • Southern Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan
  • Oceania: Papua New Guinea

Please also heed the travel warnings issued by Germany’s Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt). If you are planning an exchange with partners from countries for which a warning applies, please contact us.

In some countries, project funding is only available in certain cases. If you are planning an exchange project in one of these countries, please the weltwärts exchange projects team:

Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Cameroon, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Palestinian Territories, Philippines, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay

Impact on the length of the application assessment process

If your project is to take place in a country that makes it only partially eligible for funding due to security reasons, please be aware that the BMZ will need longer to process the application as it may also need to be checked by the Foreign Office.