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What documents have to be submitted?

Application documents

Whatever the project type, applicants must submit the appropriate application form along with an expenditure and financing plan. The educational plan plays an important role in the assessment of application forms for youth group exchanges.

The application consists of the application form and the cost budget and financing plan. It is prepared by both project partners and can be submitted in German, English or French. The application must be signed by both project partners.

In the educational plan, you should give a detailed description of the activities scheduled for each of the project phases (preparation, first visit, interim phase, return visit, follow-up). The content of the project as a whole and the individual phases must be based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal chosen for the project. You should make clear how the chosen topic is to be worked and reflected on and how this is to be implemented in practice. The visit phases are given the same weight as the preparation, interim and follow-up phases in the assessment of the projects.


You should make it clear that the project is intended to promote global learning. Particular importance should be attached to the following criteria:

  • partnership nature of the collaboration
  • participant involvement in the planning of the project
  • balance between the age structure and number of participants in the participating groups involvement in the planning of the project
  • consideration of participant diversity
  • sustainability of the project
  • evaluation of the project