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What does the application process consist of?

Submitting applications, requesting funds and giving notification of changes

This page explains what you have to do when submitting your application, when and how you can request funds and what you need to do if you want to make changes to your project application.

Submitting your application

Please submit all your application documents to us in electronic form to begin with. We will then check the formal, content-related and financial aspects of the application and contact you if we have any questions. Once this review has been completed, all the documents (signed by both partners) have to be submitted in hard copy as well.

Your application will be forwarded with comments by Engagement Global to the BMZ for approval. If it is approved, we issue what is known as a forwarding agreement.

Requesting funds

The forwarding agreement comes into effect once it has been signed by Engagement Global and the project partners. From then on, you can start work on your project and request funds. Any funds requested must be spent within six weeks (in Germany) or four months (other countries).

Funds for the current budget year can be requested by no later than 5 December of that year. They must be spent by 31 December.

Any unspent funds must be returned without us having to ask you to do so. Please send a short email to inform us.

To request funds, please use the “Request for funds” form for the current year and send it (by post only) to the address given on the form.

Giving notification of changes

We must be notified by email of any change to the project as compared to the original application.

In the case of changes that have a significant impact on the structure of the project – e.g. cancellation of seminars, shortened duration of exchange visits, changes to the duration of the project – or on the expenditure and financing plan – e.g. additional third-party funding or cost-cutting measures – a change request must be made. The request must be approved by Engagement Global, after which a change agreement is signed. This is explained in more detail in Section 9.3 of the forwarding agreement.

To request changes, please use the “Change request” and “Change request: Expenditure and financing plan” forms. The change request must be sent to Engagement Global in digital form and by post, with the original signatures of the project partners.