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What proof of use do I have to supply?

Demonstrating how the grant has been used

An annual interim proof-of-use document and an end-of-project proof-of-use document must be prepared for each project funded through the weltwärts exchange projects programme. These documents both consist of a status report and a financial report.

The financial report must be completed by the German project partner.

The status report can be completed by the two partners together or separately. If they complete it together, they both have to sign. If they submit separate status reports, they must each sign the document they drew up. In this case, the status report is deemed to be complete when both partners have submitted a report.

Interim proof of use

For projects lasting longer than a year, you (in your capacity as recipient of the grant) draw up an interim proof of use financial report for the amounts received in a given budget year.

It must be drawn up within three months from the end of that budget year. A status report on the development of the project in the past calendar year must also be submitted with the annual interim proof of use. The report must show whether the intended objective is likely to be achieved/has already been achieved (target/actual comparison).

Please use the forms provided for interim proof of use.

Proof of use

The proof-of-use document comprises a financial report, listing all of the actual income and expenditure on the project, and a status report. The latter is used by the project partners to report on everything that has happened during the reporting period and any implementation problems there have been (summary target/actual comparison). A proof-of-use document is drawn up for each forwarding agreement for the specified approval period and has to be submitted within three months from the end of the approval period.

Please use the forms provided for proof of use.

A receipts list must also be enclosed with the proof of use. Please use the appropriate section of the proof of use form to do this. The receipts list must be submitted by the German project partner. Receipts need only be sent if you are asked to do so.

Please note

The interim proof of use and the proof of use must be submitted, along with all of the necessary annexes and attachments, both in hard copy and digital form. Please send the digital version to:

Please send the hard copy to the following address:

Engagement Global gGmbH
Zentraler Programmservice
Tulpenfeld 7
53113 Bonn