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Who can apply for funding?

Project partnerships

Applications for projects are made jointly and have to be signed by both the non-profit German organisation and the partner organisation.

Member- and Partner Organisation

Applications can only be submitted by “application partnerships”, which consist of a non-profit German organisation and a partner organisation from a country on the OECD’s DAC list. It is possible to include other partners from third countries as part of a multilateral project. If you intend to apply for a multilateral project, please make sure you seek our advice.

The German partner bears the financial and legal responsibility for the project vis-à-vis the grant donor. It must register as an organisation with Engagement Global’s Central Programme Service (ZPS) by undergoing an assessment, which includes having to provide proof of its non-profit nature and its credit worthiness. The assessment for organisations that have already registered on other Engagement Global programmes (e.g. the weltwärts volunteer service or the FEB Funding Programme for Development Education) is much shorter. If the German organisation is too small to pass the assessment, it can use the “piggybacking ”procedure with a larger organisation.

How can I find a partner organisation?

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide a matching service to find partner organisations from Germany but we will be happy to give you advice on where to look.

Partner organisations must not be governmental or commercial alliances. They must be non-profit and their objectives and activities should correspond to those of the German organisation. The partner organisations are not currently required to undergo an assessment.

Other funding

It is not permitted to apply for other funds provided by Germany’s federal government (e.g. funds provided through the Federal Child and Youth Plan or other federal ministries).